Thursday, January 19, 2012

Sweet Miss "A"

This gorgeous little girl came to visit me yesterday to get her pictures done. She brought along her parents, one big sister and her grandma. We started out getting a few shots with her daddy!

It took a little bit for us to convince her to get these. Seems Miss "A" likes to stretch out! Being curled up was not what she wanted to do but she did eventually let us get a few.

We dressed her up in this adorable dress for part of the session. This thrilled her big sis, who kept asking when we would let her wear the beautiful dress they brought.

Naked again and napping! Who wouldn't be tired? Being so cute can wear a girl out!

She was such a sweet little girl throughout the session! She put up with all the crazy things we wanted her to do.
I can't wait to get through the rest of her images!