Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Little Man "B"

I got the privilege of spending some time with a gorgeous new baby last week. It is such a delight to get to snuggle a sweet newborn!

At only five days of age he had already decided that he would rather straighten out and take up space instead of curl up.

Such a nice thick head of dark hair. "B" has really long fingers and toes that I am fairly certain he gets from his daddy.

Due to some  rain the night before we got to have Dad, Mom and older brother "A" there to help and to use as props if needed. I love how tiny "B" looks in his daddy's hands!

This little guy was a miniature version of his big brother! "A" was an entertainer and a chatterbox. I spent a lot of time giggling at him. I am fairly sure he will teach his little brother all that he knows just as soon as he is old enough.

Until then Mom and Dad will get to  snuggle this handsome baby! Enjoy him while he is small cause it is unbelievable how quickly they grow.
"J" and "K" thank you so much for  letting me enjoy your darling baby boy!

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