Wednesday, March 28, 2012

Let's Talk Cheeks!

I have taken this sweet little lady's pictures before and it always thrills me when she's back again! She's beautiful, quick, and makes me laugh. Oh, and I should mention the cheeks!

It doesn't matter whether she is smiling or not, I am still amazed by the size of her cheeks. Chubby, soft, perfect baby cheeks! All the better to laugh with. And laugh she did!

This adorable giggling grin is courtesy of me smacking a stuffed puppy on the floor repeatedly while saying, "Git the puppy."
The harder I whacked the floor the louder she giggled...and of coarse the louder everyone in the room giggled! I could barely hold my camera, I was laughing so hard!

Such a wonderful sound!

I love using parents as props. It truly shows how small their little one was at that point in their life.

I had a blast getting these images for "A" and "J" of their little girl. I love seeing her grow up. I can't wait for her one year session. As fast as she is crawling these days I will be practicing my wind sprints so I can keep up with the run she will have perfected at our next session!

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  1. I love the colors on the outdoor one! Although I'm sure she thought we were crazy trying to get her attention! The smiles in the middle two are so perfectly her! And I love the last one with my legs. Even though she's not smiling, I love the look of her little hands on mine. And I love that we have the same shot of N with his daddy. Thanks again!