Friday, December 30, 2011

Laughing Out Loud

I am very fortunate to have clients that I really truly enjoy! I love getting to know each family better during their sessions. This family...well, this family is one of those families that makes me laugh out loud!

From the moment they walked in the door, there were hugs and jokes and silliness! It was almost hard to concentrate on my job cause I was to busy laughing!

The "F" family enjoys each other and enjoys life. It is plain to see how much they love each other and the family is a delight!

The two daughters are sweet, and stunningly beautiful. They were full of smiles for each other and for the camera!

I love the shot below! The moment I took it I just knew it would be this wonderful!

We wanted to take advantage of the great December weather by trying a some shots outside. Due to some frigid wind, we didn't get as many as we hoped but we managed to laugh our way through a few.

Thank you so much "F" family for including me in this wonderful day! I enjoyed spending time with you all and helping you capture images of your family!

Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Daddy's Mini Me

It doesn't seem like that long ago I was taking maternity pictures for this great family.  I was so thrilled when they let me know that sweet little "L" was born.

He was the perfect little subject. He let us pose him and dress him and use different props with hardly a peep at all.

I love that even though he was a big baby of nearly ten pounds he was still quite bendable.

This sweet baby boy looks just like his daddy! It is shocking to me how much they look the same. I have known "A" nearly his whole life and I am thrilled that he and his beautiful wife "J" are now parents to this wonderful son! While I enjoyed watching this fun couple as they were expecting the birth of "L" , it is really fabulous to see them as parents. "J" and "A" just beamed with pride over their wonderful blessing!
Thank you for letting me spend some time today to capture the tiny details of "L" and your life as a family of three.

Wednesday, December 21, 2011

Time Flies

"N" was three months old the first time I took his pictures. Chubby, and blue eyed and tiny. This is the sixth session I have had with him and it always amazes how much he changes. I love looking back through the old sessions!

His blue eyes have changed to brown, the chub has been replaced with the lankiness of a young boy, but the smile still looks the same!

Now when "N" and his mom come to see me they bring his beautiful sister "H" with them! She is an incredibly happy baby. I adore her chubby cheeks and the gorgeous red hair!

At six months, she is barely starting to sit up but she was delighted to hold that position for as long as she could. The two of them together are just about as cute as can be!

"N" is smart as a whip and loves to be silly. I so enjoyed his company during our session.

He looked so GQ in his little outfit. Of coarse, "N" can go from sober to a silly smile in a few short seconds.

I love the fact that "N" is such a sweet big brother to little "H". He giggles through the drool and the clothes pulling and even the near strangling that took place during one shot!

And "H", though she is to young right now to really know, will adore her older brother! Through the teasing, the brotherly torture, and the over-protectiveness that comes with brothers, she will adore him!

I can't wait to keep watching them grow.  Thanks "A" for bringing them to play with me!

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Living History

I got to spend a day a while back with my daughter's class at Living History Farms. I had not been in years and really looked forward to getting a chance to  take my camera and see how it all looked through my lens.

The print shop was full of interesting patterns, textures and shapes. While I really enjoyed listening to the lady explaining all about the process I was happy to be able to listen and explore at the same time.

It was great to not only see the farms from the perspective of the kids but through the one lens I allowed my self to bring.

 It was a beautiful day out and the windmill was screaming for a few photos.

I would love to go back to visit someday when I have with more time. I look forward to seeing what else I can find as I wander through the farm.