Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Boys Just Want to Have Fun

Meet "T". He is one of the sessions I did while hanging out in Georgia! I have been hoping and hoping to get a chance to grab some shots of this ball of energy! We went on a walk down a path to a stream and found some gorgeous white sand and graffiti covered pillars to use for our session.

We had a great time hanging out and taking pictures! "T" really got into the whole posing thing and came up with several ideas and things he wanted to try.

I had such a fun time treking through the woods with this young man during his session! He is certainly a    go-getter and a chatterbox which made the time seem to fly. I hope to get more time to  capture even more wonderful shots the next time I am down that way.

Thanks for the fun afternoon "T"!

Fifteen and Gorgeous

When I traveled south I had several photo sessions planned. We had several chilly days and that made it less than comfortable to be standing around in the cold and wind with a heavy camera and other supplies and props! Once I got a chance to check out the photos on my laptop I would have done it all again.

Would you believe this gorgeous young woman is only fifteen!

We went down to an alley in the evening to get these last several shots. It was so great to find lots of cool spots in about a 2 block area!

Laying on the cold brick in an alley doesn't sound like a fun thing until you get shots like this!

 Everywhere we went we found interesting spots to shoot. If it weren't for the 30 degree temps and the winds we may still be there!

"J" and her Daddy

I know I mentioned how I was not sure if my grands thought they were fortunate to have a Nana who was a photographer or not. I should mention that I am not sure if my son-in-law finds it to be a blessing or a curse either! I will say this...he never tells me no when I ask him to let me take pictures of him with the baby! He just smiles and goes along with what ever wild idea I have. He is willing and encouraging and that makes it so fun to try new things. No matter how crazy he may think some of the suggestions are we get stunning results!!

Like I said, stunning results! I love getting these kinds of shots with a tiny, newborn baby and the daddy. Such a striking contrast!

Monday, January 3, 2011

The First of Many

Miss "J" will have to decide whether being the grandchild of a photographer is a blessing or a curse! I have quite a few days down here to play with some newborn sessions and fortunately she is a willing subject.

Being a tiny little girl, who came home at just over 6 pounds, we are having fun trying some things that are a little more challenging with a larger newborn. We put her Uncle Sam's really long hands to good use as a prop.

 We did one set up and worked with different poses and props until she decided that she would surely starve to death if she didn't eat that moment! We were of coarse thrilled that she gave us a big chunk of time to play before lunch.

She was a super sleepy baby who didn't mind us positioning and moving her around.

I love the fun things that you can try with a bendy little newborn!

Can't wait to get in alot more sessions while I am visiting. Just can't enough of a sleepy little baby!

Hope Miss"J" likes photo sessions...cause this is just one of many!

The Birth of Baby "J"

I made a rushing trip down south early last week for the birth of my newest grandbaby. Thankfully, I traveled with my son, Sam so we could drive straight through. After much praying (that the baby would wait for me) and many text messages detailing the progress, I arrived in the room about 45 minutes before this beautiful baby made her entrance!

Little Miss "J" came into the world with a cry much louder than I could have imagined given her size. Mama and baby did perfectly!

I loved being able to get those precious shots of her first moments of  life outside the womb! What special memories!

I truly wish I'd had someone to get these shots of my newborns. There are so many things that you forget during the emotional and chaotic time following a delivery.

Meeting Daddy for the first time!

Tiny little baby parts! It amazing how fast they change in just a couple of days. I am so thankful that I was able to be a part of this miraculous time. Welcome to the world, baby "J"!