Monday, October 24, 2011

Pure Joy!

I love what I do! No matter how many sessions I get to shoot they are never the same! If you throw in families like this one and it is easy to see why I think I have the best job in the world.

I have known "A" the gorgeous mama to this group for several years. She and her husband "T" are such wonderful, giving, happy people.

They are such a fun couple and watching them in action with their four beautiful kiddos is a neat experience. I know what it is to have many littles this close in age and let me tell you they keep you on your toes!

These are four great kids! I love the different personalities. It was a little like a field trip for me. There were leaves and sticks to check out, flowers to find and pick, caterpillars to capture, and all of it was done with the joy of children!

With all these little, energy-filled, wiggly bodies and inquisitive minds we had our fair share of chuckles, and readjusting of positions but we did manage to get some sweet shots of this great family!

I love the hazy, faded end of summer color on the above picture.

And just because silhouettes are so much fun to do...

Saturday, October 8, 2011

The Bump

I had the wonderful privilege of doing a  maternity session with "A" and "J" to celebrate the upcoming birth of their first blessing! I enjoyed every minute of my time with them.

I am thrilled  for them to be expecting a baby and can't wait to see them as parents!
We fought the wind for most of the session but there were times it was to our advantage. I love the slightly tousled look in the above shot!
We hit several different locations looking for different textures and colors. The trees are just starting to show  off for us!

One of the best parts of the whole evening was watching these two with each other. It is so evident that they are in love. "J" clearly adores "A" and it is obvious that "A" cherishes his wife!
Had to catch a little flare to go with the fall colors.

What is a session without adding some humor in the mix!

I had so much fun with this couple. They are about as kind, caring and fun as any couple you will ever meet!

We did a few shots at the end that took advantage of the wind and did a great job of showing off this precious bump!

Thanks for the fun evening... for not laughing at me and my weird shooting positions when I am trying to get the angle I want... and for being willing to trek through dirt, weeds, and fields to get to these wonderful locations!

A Day of Great Shots

"T" and I met up in Pella to get started on his senior session! First up were some shots on the football field. He is a very talented young man, with a huge variety of interests and I had been looking forward to this session for weeks.

                        It is a joy to work with such a happy, talented, fun loving young man!
                      "T" never really balked at any of my ideas and had some things he wanted to try.

When he showed up with his guitars I knew we had to try for some sun flare in this great location!

I have so many terrific images to sort through from this session. Thanks for hanging out with me "T"! I will post your gallery soon!