Sunday, September 25, 2011

Capturing the Essence

One of the things I try to do with a senior session is capture the essence of the person I am shooting. What do they like, what are their talents, what special things make them...them. I loved doing the session with "A"! She is confident in who she is and what she wants and her session was her, all the way!

We had a rather cool morning to start our session. We could actually see our breath a little and everything was covered in dew, but that didn't stop us from having a really fun morning!

I enjoyed laughing my way through the morning with "A" and her mom.

"A" loves horses! This is a horse she has trained and worked with for quite a long time. She is great with him and you can sure see that he loves her. Animals can be a bit of a wild card during a session but he gave us some good stuff including some funny outtakes!

If you look closely you can clearly see that Regal is sticking his tongue out at me. Apparently, he was done posing for the day!

We found some great locations to shoot in and I can't wait to go through the rest of the images.

Couldn't decide whether I like this one better in color or black and white so I am posting them both.

                       Hope you have enjoyed your sneak peek "A"! I will have your gallery up soon.

Pretty Baby!

I had the joy of spending time with this gorgeous three month old girl, her mom and older brother. "H" is a darling little baby with the most stunning red hair!
 She is a smiling, happy, chubby baby! Did I mention chubby?

She has the sweetest cheeks you have ever seen. I love chubby little baby rolls!

This outfit, hat, sweater and booties were a set that was made for her grandmother by her great-great grandmother. What a wonderful cherished outfit to share.

This little blanket was given to her by her grandma. It was made for her baptism.

This fabulous dress was her baptism outfit from  her other grandmother. She looked so beautiful on her special day and I am glad we could capture the special pieces from that day!

I had such a fun morning getting to know this sweet little girl! She had a sparkling personality and I can't wait to watch her grow!

Thanks for bringing this sweetie to play with me!!