Monday, August 29, 2011

Having Fun With Boys

After rescheduling this session once due to weather, we were finally able to get the schedules and the weather to cooperate. We had beautiful light for the session with  this great family but the greatest thing was not the weather or the light. The greatest thing was hanging out with a fun family for the evening!

These two handsome young men are fun to be around and they have a great sense of humor. It was so neat to see them goofing around together. They are full of energy and hysterical one liners! I got the giggles more than once during the session thanks to these wonderful boys! When I asked "A" if they  laugh all the time at their house her response was..."Yep, pretty much!"

Cars are big in this family so we had to get a picture that included this gorgeous car!

I love the fact that they had so many great locations on their acreage that we could do the session right at their home.
We had a fun evening with lots of laughs and silliness. I have so many other images to go through yet but I wanted to end with one last shot!

Thanks so much "R" family for the terrific evening!

Sunday, August 7, 2011

25 Years Ago

That is when it started...25 years ago this month. This wonderful, very fun couple got married! Nearly 25 years later to the day, we took this picture in the same spot as some of their wedding pictures were taken.

Now I thought it was a great idea to recreate this shot for them but the really great part is that all these years later it is not just the two of them. They have added four terrific children to their family!

I had so much fun during this session! We spent most of the time laughing! I love being asked to do family sessions for people who truly enjoy each other's company. What a treat to listen to them joke and tease and laugh with each other!

One quick wardrobe change for the kids so we could get something a little more casual. We had some really fun outtakes during this session that I am not going to share. I have heard rumors they may be used for the family Christmas card!

So Many Sweet Faces

I have been so busy the last few weeks spending time with my grandkids! It is hard to balance playing games, and hanging out with all the pictures I want to take  of these beautiful grands of mine. I did drag them outside on the last day here to try and get a few updated pics for the wall in my home.

  So happy to get some new shots of this beautiful, young woman!

My littlest ones have changed so much! I can't believe the difference since the last time I took pictures!

We did both indoor and outdoor shots. As much as I would have loved spending a lot more time in the two new locations I have found, the heat drove us back inside.

Even with sweaty hair, "J" is still amazingly beautiful.

And I loved the fact that the youngest "J" was still small enough to  let me try out some new props on her.

The Great Outdoors

We live in the country and everywhere I look these days it seems there are wildflowers. As I was out getting some shots for another session I spent a few moments capturing these.

I am not a big bug fan but am thrilled with how these turned out! I love playing with a bit of macro! I am thinking about printing a couple of these to use in the house.

If you look closely, you can see the spider webs in both the photo above and the one below. It is amazing to see all the tiny details like this in God's creation!