Thursday, June 16, 2011

Fun Comes in Small Packages

Today I had the wonderful opportunity to take pictures of some sweet little boys and their family. Mr "L" is nearly four, very smart, and loves to chatter non stop!

His little brother, "J" is full of energy! He didn't care what we had in mind for the session, he was awake and wiggly and gave us several smiles! There was no getting him to change his plans. "J" wanted to stretch out, and kick and show us how strong he was!

He is the cutest  little guy and has gorgeous eyes!

I love it when the parents join in the fun! We took full advantage of the chance to get some shots of "J" with his daddy and mommy.
"K" is so  proud of "J" and very much the doting daddy!

"J" does love his mommy! It is not hard to see where the boys get their gorgeous eyes from!

 Some of my favorite shots with babies involve the differences between their flawless newness and the calloused, hard working hands of the dads who love them and protect them.

"E" and "K" thanks for sharing the boys with me today. I can't wait to show you the rest of the session!