Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Outdoor Beauty

We  got to take  the indoor of  "C" a while back. The weather was rainy for days though and we finally got the chance for some outdoor shots. The day started out with bright sunny skies but the clouds rolled in right before we started. With the clouds came chilly temps.

We met at a nearby farm to snag these shots before we froze!

In spite of the cool temps and the wind that began picking up near the end of our session we again got some beautiful shots!

Thanks so much "C" for coming out in the cold to play for a while!

The Birth of Baby "C"

I love photographing births! There is something so miraculous and breathtaking about witnessing the entrance of a new little person into the world!

I thought I would share a few moments from  that night. "H" and "L", thanks so much for allowing me to come share this special time with you!

Miss "C" was so alert right after birth!

Beautiful mama and daughter meeting for the first time!

Holding her daddy's hand.

                                                       Sharing a moment with Grandma.
This adorable little girl was born into a family full of love. There is no doubt she is very cherished!!

Sunday, May 1, 2011

Senior Session with "B"

I love doing sessions outdoors. There are so many cool textures and colors to use for backgrounds. One thing I don't always enjoy about shooting outdoors is you never know what the weather will throw at you! We had good temps and nice skies for this session. We also had gale force winds! I am not kidding when I say the wind was no small challenge. "B" and his mom had some great spots around the farm to shoot but

trying to hold back the wind was impossible!  What do you do when the weather hands you a challenge? We laughed and got some great shots anyway!

"B" is a farm boy at heart and I think we captured that during this session.

I had so much fun working with "B". He has a ready smile, some great ideas of his own he wanted to try out and never batted an eye as I asked him to move equipment, or climb on things or trek through the timber.

I can't wait to work through the rest of our session and see all the great shots we got.

Thanks so much for the fun afternoon and the laughs! Can't wait to show you the rest of your session!