Monday, November 29, 2010

West Coast Beauty

Let me introduce you to Miss "R". She traveled from the west coast to visit family for the holiday and I was privileged to get these images of her.
We woke her up from her nap and put her in all kinds of props and positions and this sweetheart still gave us plenty of smiles! Talk about a great natured little girl!
Not only is she sweet but she is gorgeous. Can you tell where her beauty comes from?

This precious girl is headed back to the coast to see her daddy. I am sure her family here is already missing her. I am so happy we took the time to capture this stage of her life. Next time I see her she will be a whirlwind of motion and her smiles will probably include teeth! I can't wait!! Till then, enjoy the images of her at three months. They change so fast!

Thanksgiving Fun!

I love the holidays! Especially when it brings together family members that live states away from each other!

An outdoor session was out of the question due to the temps in the 20s, so we headed inside for the session.

Getting the basic family groups went very smoothly. Then came the time to try and  get a shot of the two sweet boys. "G" is the older of the two and I have taken his portraits before. The other little man is "C".
Let me tell you that these two were a hoot! Once we set them down, "G" would look my direction and pay attention to the family members behind me doing silly things."C" wasn't having any of that. He was fast! About half a second after his bottom touched the floor he was off!! He had a mission in mind and would not be deterred!

We got about 2 shots with both of them looking in the general direction of the camera and many fun outtakes! I will say this...These two handsome guys sure made it fun. We all laughed, and hooted, and clapped, and some even did very realistic animal impressions (you know who you are)! We had such a great time! Glad it worked to get a family session in  while you were all together!!

Mr. Baseball

This post has been a long time coming. I have hit some snags with technical issues lately and that has really hampered my blog time. So without further delay you will get three posts in one day!!

Mr "G"...what can I say about Mr "G"? I started laughing about the time he got out of the car and still get a chuckle (two weeks later) when I think about this session. He had an idea in mind that he wanted to try and we needed the sunset for that.

He is a baseball player, a catcher, and an extremely talented one. This is one of the shots we were waiting for! Before we could get this though, we took advantage of the light to get a lot of other great images!

This photo reminds me so much of a deal he and I made for warmer weather. There is a particular tree I would love to have a shot in but it will take someone brave and not afraid to get wet (just in case)! "G" has graciously offered to be that someone!

I leave you with one other image from our sunset part of the session.

Thanks for all the fun and laughter...and the new song that occasionally gets stuck in my head!!!

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Beautiful Trees and Freezing Temps

I just wanted to pop in and share a few from a mini session that I did a while back. It was a spur of the moment session tha had great results! I got a call from "H" telling me there were actually a few trees with colorful leaves on them. After a quick scouting drive, we braved the very chilly temps in search of a great family image for the Christmas card.
The kids were great inspite of the chill and they were so sweet to help carry my stuff for me when we walked to a new location for some shots. Such wonderful children to be around and enjoy!

These two adorable young ladies sure do love to pose! They were on the ball everytime. Had the weather been warmer, I would have taken pics of these two sweeties for a long time! I know who to call when I am looking for models to try something new!

"D" family, I am so glad it worked out for us to capture these images! Thanks for sharing part of the morning with me!