Saturday, October 30, 2010

Enjoying the Fall

The beautiful weather continues and that brings out the many families who are looking for that perfect image to put on the yearly Christmas card.

The "S" family is no exception. They took time out of their busy schedule to capture this moment in their family life.

The trees have not been the  most colorful this fall but we did manage to find this gorgeous tree to use as a backdrop.
Miss "M" is the oldest of the kids, I will be getting together with her and her sister, the other Miss "M", to grab some more pictures next week.

We had a great time doing pictures with the kids! After the family shots were done we sent mom and dad on their way so we could have time to catch their interests.

Young "C" loves to hunt! He brought his bow along with one goal in get as many different pictures as we could with him and his bow. He knew just what he wanted and I have plenty to  choose from. This next one is from the end of the night and I needed to include it for dad. He was very excited to see how it turned out!

"S" family thank you so much for all the fun and fellowship we shared tonight! I can't wait to go through the rest of the images!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Feel the Love

One of my many families to request pictures during this stretch of gorgeous weather is the "P" family. We had a small window of opportunity because the oldest son and his wife live out of state. I am so glad the weather continued to cooperate for us.
One of the things I really enjoyed while doing this session, was the sense of humor that the whole family has.

I had a smile on my face just listening to the playful banter that flowed between the family members. Jokes about the boys youth, funny felt like being part of the family for a little while.

"J" and "V" are the parents of this fun crew.

We started our time at the Nelson Pioneer Farm and then headed out to another location to take in some fall color.

We couldn't have asked for a better day to have this session. We could have asked for fewer bugs though!

Thanks so much for the allowing me to capture your great family with my lens! I hope you enjoy your peek at your session and I hope you had a wonderful weekend enjoying each other's company!

Making my job hard!

I got to spend the evening with this beautiful young woman and her mom a couple of days ago. We drove around to some really cool locations and found some fun shots to take. Gotta love a girl who is up for anything!!

We started out near her high school and found a creek near the stadium. Both of those locations gave us a good start.

Miss "S" was unbelievable the whole time. The perfect smiles, great wardrobe choices, and the ability to roll with whatever I threw her way, made this an easy session to shoot.
I had so much fun with "S" and her mom. We laughed and joked and just generally had a great time!
We were driving to another location and went past this house. We swung around the block and took advantage of the beautiful setting!

Yes, she really is that stunning! Wonder why I said my job was hard? I have so many incredible images to sort through! I guess their job is even harder though. They have to choose!!
Thanks so much "S". I truly had a wonderful time with you and your mom. Hope you enjoy your sneak peek! I will post your gallery soon!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

To Much Fun

I got to spend some time with "M" and his mom on Friday and Saturday taking his senior pictures. We went to several different locations and he was more than game for everything his mom and I threw his way. I will say that we did our best to challenge him!
We found a bean field with several big round corn stalk bales in the next field over.
The farmstead where we started the session had some amazing barns and sheds to shoot in.

We ended the night in a beautiful field with the sun setting behind us. "M" had brought his trombone along and we used  it to get this stunning image!

Since we used our afternoon hours to get the outdoor photos we wanted, we decided to do some indoor portraits the next morning when we actually had light to work in . "M" is part of a very musical family. They sing and play instruments and write music. This young man has some major musical talent when it comes to the trombone. We wanted to make sure to include this in his pictures and I think we found some fun ways to do that!

 And one more with a little touch of vintage.

Thank you so much for the fun sessions and the many, many laughs during our time together!
Enjoy your sneak peek!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

The Perfect Day

We could have not asked for better weather than the weather we have had the last couple of weeks. Mild temps and gorgeous blue skies. The wonderful weather has been keeping me on my toes with families wanting to take advantage of the stellar days to get pictures taken. The "S" family is no exception.

We started off getting a few pictures of "R". He will be heading off  in a couple of weeks to join the military and we wanted to grab some current photos before he left.

 His mom sure is proud of him!

"D" and "H" are the parents of this beautiful bunch.

"K" and "K" are their gorgeous daughters!

Here is the whole handsome crew! I enjoyed so much spending time with your family "D" and "H". I think we got some really great pictures! Can't wait to finish processing the rest of our session. Thanks for the laughs and the wonderful afternoon.