Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Fall in the Country

Many of you may remember "G" from his nine month session I did a few months ago. He still has the same stunning eyes and white blond hair but boy oh boy has he grown!

He was a walking, chatty, dancing ball of fun! We started off with a few photos of him with mom and dad. It took a bit but he gave me some precious smiles!
   Sweet little "G" has gotten quite good in the walking department and loves to explore. This was a blessing cause we put him in a bean field...
...and an old barn...
 and lots of other fun places so we could take advantage of the great smiles and many other cute expressions he was sharing with us!

Last but not least, we ended our session in this field. The sun was setting, the sky and clouds were perfect, and the subjects were gorgeous! Who could ask for more?

Tuesday, September 28, 2010

The Fiddler and her Brothers

I went to a session a couple of days ago  and had the best time! I love working with kids who are up for anything.

"H" plays the violin and was game for getting the silhouette I had visioned in my head. With some help from her dad and a setting sun we got this shot!

These three sure did keep the smiles coming! Of coarse getting little "I" to sit still was a bit of a challenge. He is full of energy and giggles and silliness!
 "C" loves two things. He loves his dog and he loves this old motorcycle!
 He has spend alot of time fixing on this motorcycle he got from his grandpa. He can tell you anything you need to know about it.
 A little fun with lowering the exposure and going black and white and look at the beauty you find!