Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Newborn Sweetness

I recently had the chance to take a family picture and a couple of maternity shots for this great family. I had an opportunity today to work with them again. The huge difference between then and now was that this little sweetheart had been born!
Little "Z" was wide awake for the first bit of our session. We got a new family picture and then focused on getting some of his wrinkly, newborn sweetness!

He sure loves his mama! She would whisper to him and caress his head when he was fussing and he would calm down. Nothing better than snuggling with an adorable baby.

After staying awake for the first part of our session, he settled into a deep sleep and allowed us to position him and get some really beautiful shots!

We were happy to have dad available for some shots with his newest son!

Thank you, "O" family for sharing your beautiful family with me today! I will post your gallery soon!

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

The Eyes Have It

This morning brought me a whole lot of fun and giggles. It came in the form of two stunning little sweeties from south of here. The eyes on "A" and his little sister "K" were unbelievable! Dark brown eyes, ready for fun, with just a hint of ornery thrown in!
This delightful little girl was a hoot! Our first try at getting a few pictures resulted in her scooting backwards until she ran out of room. We moved her forward and she was scooting back again. Her method for moving away from the camera was one of the funniest I have seen!

This little prince took a bit to warm up to idea of a session. After a bit though, he was all charm! He did a great job of following directions and if you wanted a smile all you had to do was ask him not to! LOL!

Young Mr. "A" was really sweet to his sister and had no trouble letting himself be used as a prop when needed. He was concentrating hard on getting great shots for his daddy to see!
Little Miss "K" was not to be out done in the smile department. The difference with her was how quick she was! She kept us all on the move but the smile...the smile was certainly worth it!

When I said that these two little blessings had gorgeous eyes there was no exaggeration! "A" would frequently hear my shutter click and ask me, "Was that a good one?" LOL!
"B" I had such a blast with your family today! What wonderful, sweet children you are raising! I hope you enjoy your sneak peek!
I want to leave you with one little outtake from our session!

I will post your gallery soon!

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

My Brown Eyed Girls

We managed, between the hot and the wet weather, to find a beautiful day to do a mini session in this great field near our house. I have wanted to shoot in this field for weeks and was thrilled to have two lovely and willing models.

The light is so beautiful in the evenings!

I have several other great spots that I am hoping to get some sessions done at if the weather will cooperate with me. Thankfully I have so many beautiful little models at my house. These are just a couple of my brown eyed girls!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Peaches and Cream

I had a great chance to travel to a small town in Kansas and take pictures for a great little family! The weather was really warm while we were there and we stepped out of the air conditioning long enough to  get these great shots of the "A" family. Dad, Mom and this adorable baby that I promptly nicknamed "Peaches" cause she is so sweet and happy!

The weather was very humid and this session was done midday but we found some shade in a lovely little park near downtown.

This little doll is 8 months old and full of smiles!

Miss "A" has such bright blue eyes and the sweetest little dimple in her cheek!

I had so many laughs working with this family and enjoying their company. "A" family, I am looking forward to meeting with you again and capturing your little princess as she grows!