Saturday, June 26, 2010

Three Men and a Lady

Today we went to a wedding, my husband and I, and between the wedding and the reception I got the opportunity to take pictures of the gorgeous "O" family. We walked a short distance to shoot at the Molengrat in Pella. Even though our time was limited and there was a wedding reception using a large section of the area we were hoping to shoot in I was very happy with the beautiful images I found when I got home.

Yep, this great couple have two sweet little guys and a baby on the way in about 5 weeks!
After getting some initial shots of the family, we broke it down a little to showcase gorgeous "B" with each of her men!

Is it any wonder why their children are so adorable!

This is big brother "E". He is quite a talker, good at taking directions for someone so young, and he loves his mama!

Little brother "E" was a bit more unsure of the whole picture taking deal but we got this sweet one of him and his mom. Having just turned one, I gave him high marks for putting up with a wedding and a photo shoot on such a hot day!

 And of coarse I couldn't resist getting a shot of this stunning mom!!! I could not decide whether I preferred the color or the black and white so I am posting both.

"O" family, I can't thank you enough for allowing me to catch these moments for you! You are blessed with a beautiful family and it was a privilege to do this session. I can't wait to meet this newest blessing!
I will let you know when your gallery is up!

Thursday, June 10, 2010

Baby Blues

I got a real treat yesterday when the "K" family stopped over for some pictures.
This sweet blue eyed angel is "G". He came back with his parents to visit family and I got to have a little fun with him! I could not get over the incredible blue eyes on this little man!

What you should know about this charmer with the blue eyes is that at nine months old he is quick...really quick!
He did his best to make sure we were on our toes during this session. The other thing he did was provide lots of laughter! Little Mr. G is quite the comic! Funny faces, cute reactions, silly noises...he had it all!

The foot you see him holding up in the above shot? That is one of his signature moves! Yep, we got  quite a few pictures of him with his foot in the air. One of the reasons pictures are so special is that they help us remember the cute things that were a part of our child's personality at different stages of their life.

After having some fun inside we headed out to play with him in the beautiful evening light! I had such a wonderful time capturing these shots of baby "G" for your family! I will let you know when the gallery is up for you to enjoy. Hope you had a safe trip back home "K" family!