Saturday, November 14, 2009

Way to Much Fun

I scheduled a senior session with Nathaniel a little while back and am finally getting a chance to blog it. There is so much good stuff to go through it is hard to know where to start. When we scheduled the first time we decided to reschedule do to high winds and wet conditions. The second time we tried, we got some great stuff before the dark gray clouds came rolling in and sucked all the light out of the sky! We did get some cool stuff on the new playing field at the high school before that happened though.

Nathaniel plays goalie for the varsity soccer team.

He also plays football!

We barely got finished on the field when the light was gone and there was no way we could move to our other locations. We decided to move the rest of the session to later in the week. Boy, was I glad we did!
Nathaniel and his mom had a killer location picked out for the rest of his senior shoot. Even though the leaves were off the trees it was beautiful out in the timber.

We braved pricker weeds, uncooperative trees,and a bit of a walk to get these but I am so glad we did!

I had a wonderful time taking these, laughed alot, and can't wait to get your gallery up so you can see more!

Oh, I should mention an apology to the deer hunter who gave up, climbed down from his deer stand and went home, after we bounded through the woods with all our laughter (and the family dog). Really sorry about that, Doug.

Sunday, November 8, 2009

A Fun Family

I had the fun opportunity to do a family session for a fellow photog and friend of mine. T and K are loyal Hawkeye fans and so are their kids so we tried our best to get the session done before the kick-off this past Saturday.

Not only did I get to hang out with their three kids but they brought along the very loved family dogs for the session as well.  The dogs didn't do to bad unless they were distracted by the flocks of geese landing on the lake. Let me tell you, I have never heard so much honking in my life as I heard from the masses of geese that day!

I was super impressed by "A" and the care he showed for his younger siblings. He was very sweet with his little sister during our time together.

Somebody is a Daddy's girl!

Thanks for the great morning guys and sorry that the Hawks didn't have the miracle finish we were all hoping for. I'll let you know when the gallery is up!

Monday, November 2, 2009

Chris and Stephanie

I had the wonderful opportunity to second shoot/assist Kelly of Forever Photography with Chris and Stephanie's wedding on Saturday. The ceremony was held in St. Mary's beautiful new church in Pella. Talk about a photographers dream! Open and full of windows, you couldn't have asked for more! We moved on into downtown Pella for some fun shots after the ceremony.

Ring shots are so cool!

Chris and Stephanie are a beautiful couple. They both had such ready smiles (even though the weather was very windy and quite cool!

One more picture to show off how truely in love this great couple is!

Thanks so much Chris and Stephanie for allowing me to help capture your special day!